Child-minders, Carers, Schools and other Groups

At Pirates Cove we understand that caring for children can be a very demanding and it’s sometimes difficult to keep them occupied all the time.

We cater for a range of carers and children including special needs groups.

Please speak to us about you requirements as we can hire out to special needs groups at very favorable rates.

We believe that play engages children’s minds, bodies and emotions. Pirates Cove offers fantastic play opportunities for children from the age of 3 months upwards.

For younger children there is a variety of soft play materials to encourage crawling, tumbling, rolling and climbing.

Older children have the opportunity to develop core skills such as balance, co-ordination, hopping, climbing and jumping.

These fit in very well with the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning and physical development, as recommended by Ofsted.

We feel we can offer you and the children you care for all they need to be engaged, stimulated and learn.

We have created an environment where children and carers can have a stimulating, safe and rewarding time.

Dedicated toddler area with educational blocks for numbers and alphabet

All risk assessments online

Safety certification

For Child minders we have a VIP discount card which includes special rates and terms (Please ask for details)